‘PERSEVERANCE’ – Cygnet Bay Pearl brooch


When this beautiful Baroque Pearl came my way, it inspired a personal design. ‘Perseverance’ is a reflection on the breastfeeding journey experienced with my 3 babies. It is completely handmade and features a stunning Baroque Cygnet Bay Pearl.

My memories as a first time Mum trying to breastfeed my son 4 years ago are memorable but for all the wrong reasons. The tears, anxiety, pain and disconnect I felt with him lead to giving up on this form of feeding.
The experience with my second son had golden moments only to have Mastitis derail things. When expecting my third son I had a different attitude and decided that this time I would succeed. I persevered to arrive at the point where I am now breastfeeding my 5-month-old baby.
The making of ‘Perseverance’ was a challenge on its own. I also decided to completely hand fabricate this piece and choose this to be my first ever gem setting job. Whilst it is not perfect it is a design I am quite proud of and very happy with. It will be a piece that I look back on and remember this moment.

cygnet-bay-pearls-handmade-jewellery Cygnet-Bay-Pearls-handmade-jewellery


Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow gold, Australian Sapphire, Garnet, Cygnet Bay Pearl


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