Thank you so much for creating such beautiful and unique rings for us.  The engagement ring is simply stunning!  So many people have stopped me to comment and ask for a closer look. I love how you’ve designed everything with my tiny hands in mind – even when I wear both rings together they’re delicate enough for me to not feel overwhelmed. These rings suit both of us perfectly and we couldn’t ask for anything more beautiful. Love your work so much.

Alex & Mel

This ring is a show stopper, I mean just look at that gorgeous Pear cut Ceylon Sapphire! 18ct White Gold (Rhodium plated) This ring is probably the most challenging design I have made and the piece I am most proud of. I love that my clients were happy for me to design something a little bit different. They purchased the Sapphire in Sri Lanka whilst holidaying – also the place where they got Engaged.

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